7 Tasty Juice Alternatives for Kids Without Added Sugar

7 Tasty Juice Alternatives for Kids Without Added Sugar

It can be difficult for many parents to get their children to drink water. Kids want a drink that is sweet and delicious, but usually these drinks are either high in sugar, sodium, and cholesterol, or all of the above. Even the drinks you see at your local supermarket that are advertised as ‘healthy’, are usually not. We've put together a list of eight healthy, low-sugar drinks that still pack a punch of flavor.

Poppilu Lemonade

Poppilu makes all different flavors of lemonade pouches that still give your kids summer by the pool, with a whole lot less sugar. Almost every kid loves lemonade, so you really can’t go wrong with the Original Lemonade Flavor. No added sugars, organic, Non-GMO Project Certified, and packed with tons of Vitamin C. 

Kids Luv Juice Water

100% ZERO SUGAR, but that doesn’t mean it's not sweet! Each of their delicious kids drinks are sweetened with Stevia, a natural sweetener that creates just a hint of sweet that your cubs will luv!
With 12 essential Vitamins & Minerals, all your kids' daily vitamin requirements will be met!


Alwello Cold-Pressed Juice

Cold-Pressed juices have a tendency to escape parents’ minds as most of us only think of green juices filled with a bunch of ingredients you know your kids won’t like, but Alwello has a Berry Delight cold-pressed juice that we promise your children will love. It’s Non-GMO Project Certified, no added sugars, USDA organic, and it’s Certified Fair Trade. 

Nurished Kids Protein Powder 

A protein powder can also be a deterrent for some parents as it seems to be a product for adults. But Nourished Kids has a protein powder that tastes just like chocolate milk, all designed for your growing kids in mind. It has eight grams of protein, no sugar, no added sugars, two billion probiotics (yup, two billion) andit’s a good source of vegetables as well. 

Hint Water

HINT helps kids fall in love with water. We all know that kids should be drinking more water and fewer sweetened beverages, but plain water is boring. Hint Kids tastes so delicious that it actually helps kids drink more water with less sugar!
It's also vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, non-GMO.

Hapi Water 

Hapi Water is a kid flavored water brand that focuses on the flavor, but the sugar levels as well. The Strawberry Kiwi flavor, as well as all of the other flavors for sale have no sugar at all, but we promise your kids will never know! It is also fat and cholesterol free and a good source of Vitamin C. 


Rethink Kids Juice 

Now last but not least is Rethink. Rethink is a kid oriented juice that has all the stereotypical markers of a children’s juice box. The folded top corners, the bendy straw, but has just the opposite of ingredients. It’s low sugar, no added sugar, low sodium and fat, it’s vegan and it’s USDA Organic. 

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