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Pasture Raised Meat

Our baby food is high in protein and healthy fats from grass-fed and pastured animals raised on small American family farms.

Healthy Fats

Your baby needs 30g of fat per day! This supports brain development, hormone regulation and builds the immune system.

100% Organic Vegetables

We use 1/3 cup 100% organic vegetables to create hearty meals that taste great and leave your baby full, happy, and serene.


We started Serenity Kids because we wanted the best for our baby, Della, and we didn’t like what we found on the market. Babies need protein and healthy fats to grow their brains and bodies, and no current baby food included these essential macronutrients.

So we created our own to mimic the nutrients of breast milk, which is mostly just fat and carbs! Made from pasture raised meats + high-quality organic vegetables, our purees are balanced blended savory meals that contain the most nutrition per bite for your little one.

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